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: Gildan® - Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

Each hoodie sold we will be donating $10 to the 

Wichita Bar Occupancy, Curfew & Mask Lawsuit 

( please read bottom for delivery details)

Its time to push our city and state out of the ridiculousness. 
We are standing for our right to choice.

We are adamant that government has no right with such broad ideas over which everything is speculation .

Sort of like the Innocent until proven guilty...

You cant just say it and it be true.

Especially when your "leading" scientist is willing to lie, to further a agenda for any specific group of people regardless of the situation .
Obviously all the docs and nurses didn't run out of our cotton masks lol
And it seems a few of them at least made it through the first round of the planet ending. ..

Things don't add up, This hoodie will help you share your voice without having to kill anyone! 


*Items will be screen printed every week on Monday and shipped by the following Tuesday . *Will be printing a minimum of 12 pieces per week . 

Please understand these are not made to order but ordered as a group screen print order for the fundraiser.