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Does your Barudan embroidery machine table always look organized? If so, You can stop reading here.

Did you slap command hooks on your $50,000 machine to dangle tools and scuff up your off white panels ? You might want to read on.

The time is now to freshen up your space and organize your embroidery process with That Caddy 
This bad boy comes to life after years of working in a mess and months of trial and error in putting together a final working model. 


  1. Standard Scissor holster 
  2. Front compartment storage
  3. On top Removable storage bins

As you can see the main front feature is the scissors / trimmers holster. This one piece of the puzzle will save you hours by the end of the year. 
How often do your cutters get set down in the mix of a pile of hoodies or under a polo etc. looking  around even for a few minutes a day is going to compound over the years. 

As a business owner you know that time adds up.. why not invest a little now and create a repeatable system you and anyone running your machines can follow?

Support my crazy dream to provide solutions while Organizing your Barudan Embrodiery machine with That Caddy today 🤙

This is made specifically for the Barudan 6 head with the easily removable covers. I suggest having 1 at each end of the machine for optimal performance fortunately the two pack is automatically applied with the $25 discount .

1 for $100 or

2 for $175

Be aware these are designed and made in house, and your order could take 1 - 2 weeks to complete and ship dependent on current volume. 

* if you have a different machine and want a custom fit for it , email me at