$$ Design Time ( Standard Vector Redraw , Basic Shirt Design / ReDesign)

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This is going to be your basic design charge ranging from a myriad of tasks.

Say your a baseball coach for the high school and your team is headed to State. 
You need a team like ours to take a shirt idea you have seen and liked or a basic layout of the idea you have in mind and we will slap that onto a mockup of your finished product for only $35! 

Dont forget we can also turn around and put up a mini web store with your products to presell and either raise money or at least have your stands decked in the winners gear. 

This design fee also goes for the Debate Teacher who has a photo of the design he needs on the shirt and we need to turn that from only a picture and into the files used for creating your screens!

So whether your needing an image prepped for screen print or you just want a banner made this will help cover that design time and get you that much closer to your products :)